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Precious Human Life

March 17, 2011

Dear Friends, For five days now, I have watched the series of events unfold in Japan with all of you. I have been asked to comment on the situation with the nuclear reactors, and invited to attend countless discussions. Given that this is a nuclear observations blog, I’m sure you expect another description of the […]

Cleaning Up After Greenpeace

August 3, 2010

For the past several months, my blogging has taken a backseat to my education and internship.  I’m sure no one would argue that this is a poor decision–I am a student, after all. But if one organization can inspire me to blog,  it’s Greenpeace. Greenpeace consistently points fingers at those who they feel are destroying […]

“Coming Together to Split the Atom”

April 15, 2010

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the ANS National Student Conference at the University of Michigan. To give you an idea of the sheer volume of this conference, let’s start with some numbers: Total Attendance: 665 Total Student Attendance: 500 Number of Sponsors: 57 Number of Technical Papers Submitted: 157 Cups of Coffee […]

Nuclear Reaction, Indeed

February 9, 2010

Early in my involvement with the nuclear side of social media, I came across a rather outspoken anti-nuclear website called “Nuclear Reaction”. As someone who speaks her mind perhaps a little too often, I understand and fully support the need to express one’s opinions. However when one is expressing their opinions and presenting them as […]

Arm Yourself!

January 24, 2010

If you talk to anyone in the nuclear industry about what’s standing in the way of the progression of nuclear power in America, you’ll surely end up on the topic of public fear. Those who are afraid of all-things-nuclear seem to be the most overzealous when it comes to exaggerating figures and presenting opinions as […]

Living in a Nuclear Free Zone

January 22, 2010

When talking about my major with family and friends, I am most often met with a look of confusion and the inevitable question: Why Nuclear Engineering? As a junior at the University of California Berkeley, I’m confronted daily by the, shall we say, “unique” culture that this city has. On occasion, I like to stroll […]